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Interface QuoteFunctionSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
GraphableQuoteFunctionSource, QuoteBundleFunctionSource

public interface QuoteFunctionSource

This interface describes the quote source for the quote functions in QuoteFunctions. That class is used by both Gondola language expressions and charting functions, so it needs to accept quotes in multiple forms. This interface enables the quote function class to be unaware of this difference.

Andrew Leppard
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Method Summary
 double getValue(int offset)
          Return the quote value on the given date.

Method Detail


public double getValue(int offset)
                throws EvaluationException
Return the quote value on the given date. The quote function source contains a set of quotes which can be accessed from offset 0, which is the earliest date, to the number of quotes in the source minus one. Typically a quote source is set up to contain a fixed number of quotes, each of which is used by a quote function.

offset - the offset of the date in the quote source.
the quote value or NaN if the quote is missing / not available
EvaluationException - if QuoteBundleFunctionSource is not allowed access to a quote. See GPQuoteBundle.

Venice 0.751beta