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Interface TwoWayComparable

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public interface TwoWayComparable

A version of the Comparable interface which allow objects to be sorted differently in forward and backwards order. This means that the ordering is not simply the reverse ordering when the reverse flag is set. This is useful for orderings where certain elements should always remain at the top or the bottom of the sort, e.g. summation values. E.g. A, B, C, Total and C, B, A, Total. This comparable is supported in the SortedTable.

Andrew Leppard

Method Summary
 int compareTo(java.lang.Object object, boolean reverse)
          Compare this object with the specified object.

Method Detail


public int compareTo(java.lang.Object object,
                     boolean reverse)
Compare this object with the specified object.

object - object to compare with
reverse - order of sort, if set reverse the order.
the value 0 if the objects are equal; 1 if this object is after the specified object or -1 if this object is before the specified object

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